IRS Penalty Abatement

Are you aware that that your IRS tax liability areas can double in about four years due to accumulating interest and penalties? Nevertheless, it is doable to evade the interest on these penalties completely and partially through abatement or elimination based on just cause.

In case you are in doubt if you are eligible for penalty abatement, or you are being weighed down by business taxes, talk to our team of qualified and competent former IRS tax attorneys who will battle for your rights. We have been fruitfully defending clients for over  now and our track years record speaks for itself. Contact us now to schedule for a free consultation.

Eliminating intemperance penalties can aid remove a big financial burden from your shoulders. Not everyone qualifies for penalty abatement, and this abatement is not automatic. However it can be for you if you can afford to repay at least 70 percent or pay the whole amount of the liability. For you to qualify, you must persuade the IRS that you are not accountable for the penalties.

This is a partial list of requirements for penalty abatement:

  • Business records were destroyed or lost.
  • Special conditions led to a considerable drop in collecting on accounts receivable.
  • A change in the business led to the inability to pay taxes.
  • You faced a civil disturbance.
  • Death or serious sickness directly affecting the business and personal wages.
  • Any misappropriation of funds, theft of priceless property, or even identity theft.]
  • There was drug abuse or alcohol abuse that affected the business negatively or wage earning capacity.
  • There was a natural disaster that affected you and your business.
  • You were erroneously advised by an IRS or CPA employee in tax decisions and you have sensible acceptable proof of such a consultation. It could have been a phone discussion, or written counsel which you relied on.
  • There was an IRS error.
  • There were conditions that created considerable financial adversity, to a point where your business was near bankruptcy.

Filing for abatement can be done in 3 ways:

  • Sending written petitions to the IRS explaining your case and asking for a refund of penalties.
  • Asking for an oral interview to explain why you qualify for abatement
  • By means of the penalty abatement claim form provided by the state or IRS

In favor of a case where you are presenting proof to the IRS, more documents are always good. You must demonstrate that you have constantly taken care for your assets and businesses.

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Are you searching for more resources on IRS TAX Penalty Abatement?  OR The guidelines for the relevant IRS Form 843, Claim or Request for Abatement, may be supportive to look into.  Google can also help you find the answers to a precise state question.