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Several banks accounts are being levied yearly by the IRS, freezing your funds and making paying your bills difficult hence causing you financial sabotage especially if don’t have any disposable cash for your daily misleneous expenses .IRS Depending on the amount of the IRS levy imposed on your bank account, it can limit or even make access to your account nonexistence.

If you have a state bank or IRS levy imposed on your account contact us NOW. We are offering a 21 day window of opportunity for our attorneys to intervene and stop the IRS and state bank levies from tying up money in your account. We have the ability to stop both the state and IRS levies. To do so we all need to act swiftly.

What is bank levying?

An internal bank levy is an internationally accepted order to seize property for the purposes of debt satisfaction.  Normally, bank levies affect your account after IRS sends you a letter stating that you owe taxes. If you fail to pay the debts, do not respond to the IRS correspondence or refuse to set up a convenient payment plan, the state or IRS has the power to enforce their demands with a levy or a wage garnishment. Bank levies will freeze cash in your accounts and deduct the money owed to the state or IRS.  In case your bank accounts don’t have enough money at the time the IRS bank levy is imposed the bank levy will seize whatever is there and your bank accounts will deactivate until the debts are fully paid.

Regrettably, levies are not a onetime event. Several bank levies can be issued several times until your debts are cleared.  To make the matters worse, banks can charge, interests, fees and penalties for insufficient funds during the freezing period.  At such times when your bank accounts are not active due to bank levy bills they resulting to late fees. As it is evident, bank levies can end up costing way beyond what the initial debt had been.

Creditors like credit card companies and IRS can levy all kinds of bank accounts either international or local, checking accounts and savings accounts. Despite the fact that most bank levies occurs in the U.S, creditors have the legal right to pursue their funds even in offshore accounts. State bank and IRS levies can be assets to other assets as well.

How can we help you?

Once our former IRS tax lawyers take the action of intervention and establish the next actions of the internal revenue levy or any other body that signed the levy we quickly and hard to provide whatever is necessary to stop the levy. We also strive to remove charges, penalties or interests resulting from the levy and restore access to your account as fast as possible.

When dealing with bank levies we comprehend that time is of critical value in achieving results.  We utilize our extensive experience as IRS tax attorneys to efficiently and swiftly work on any bank levy issues. We ensure that the IRS bank levy issue is resolved soonest possible and see into it that your money is refunded.  After settling your bank levy issue, we move swiftly to negotiate a settlement for your tax debt and put into place safeguards to ensure that no future levies are imposed on any of your accounts.

It isn’t uncommon for our super skilled and experienced attorneys to settles our clients tax issues to determine what is owned. Such services have helped our clients save lots of dollars and hence retained their property. Contact us now for a free confidential and quick consultation. Our skilled and competent personnel dealing with tax issue will explain the available options to solve tax problem. We can offer help to the IRS financial problems you are currently facing. Contact us through our official website.

What we can offer

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