Back In 2011, the IRS started offering leniency plans for people who are indebted in taxes but are not able to pay due to financial hardships.  It is anticipated that IRS gives more than 600,000 tax liens annually. The leniency program has been deliberated to help people and smaller businesses which have been paying their taxes in the past, but are under pressure to pay their current tax debts.

It isn’t the first instance the IRS has attempted to simplify tax burdens. Back In 2008, the IRS   assisted financially distraught home owners by simplifying it for them to keep away from having tax liens affecting the sale or refinancing of their house.  If refinancing is necessary, the homeowner/taxpayer can appeal to the IRS to turn a pending tax lien minor to the one held by the property or the bank. To homeowners, advertising their houses for less than their owed on their mortgage, a familiar occurrence in these hard economic times, they can request the IRS to totally discharge a tax lien.

The IRS staff was given more flexibility in 2009 to assist taxpayers in financial misery.  In some situations where hardship can be identified, such as severe illness or job loss, changes can be applied to payments for taxes or differing collection efforts.

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Whilst we approve the IRS for instituting plans to assist taxpayers in these hard economic times, it is essential to be aware that tax leniency programs are not long term and can be overturned by the IRS at any given time. There is no time but to talk about your tax debts with a competent IRS tax attorney. The chance for you to profit from this IRS tax leniency program can be limited in such ways as:

  • Waived Late penalties
  • Negotiating of payment plans
  • Rescheduling of asset seizures
  • Delayed levies bank accounts or assets

At LA Tax Law, we have a competent set of former tax lawyers headed by an ex- IRS attorney that can help you reap the benefits of the federal tax leniency programs presently in place.  Do not delay and jeopardize a chance to have the load of your tax debts reduced. Call LA Tax Law today at for free discussions and consultations on various the IRS tax leniency program can of benefits to you.